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The Astonishing Story of the Federal Reserve on 9-11
# federal reserve# banking# economics# 9/11# tragedy# recovery# disaster# crisis# september 11# history# the fed
"In all likelihood we’re not just seeing the death of the iPod Classic, but the death of the dedicated portable music player. Now it’s all phones and apps. Everything is a camera. The single-use device is gone—and with it, the very notion of cool that it once carried. The iPhone is about as subversive as a bag of potato chips, and music doesn’t define anyone anymore." - On Death and iPods: A Requiem | WIRED
# music# device# future# ipod# cool
"I’m sorry that you’ve been hiding for so long. It’s time to wake up and see everything that you are, and everything that you are not. You are beautiful. You are in pain. You are brilliant. You are soft and sad. Imagine what you could do, if you really loved something, if you weren’t just phoning it in. You’re so good even when you’re half-assing it. Imagine, what a supernova you could be, if you actually cared about something and believed in it, if you brought the full force of your intelligence and your passion (it’s in there somewhere) and your hard work and focused it on something that MATTERED to you. Shut out all of those old, negative voices from your past, and listen to your own voice instead. You are not full of shit. You are full of energy and wit and brilliance and raw potential. And you are on your way to a whole new life." - Ask Polly: I Hate My Job. What Should I Do? — The Cut
# ask polly# life# self# recovery# want# voice
"You are a force to be reckoned with. You are laser sharp and you are on fire. That anxiety you feel isn’t about laziness; that’s the white-hot flame of a heart in chains. You were big and bright and raw and sensitive and sweet and you used to admit what you didn’t know, easily, without fear, and you know what happened? The world beat that shit out of you." - Ask Polly: I Hate My Job. What Should I Do? — The Cut
# anxiety# recovery# power# self# intelligence# ask polly
"Almost all movement in a major city now begins with a phone. Mobile apps and interfaces help people do everything from sort through route options to locate an approaching bus or hail a taxi or for-hire vehicle. While cities and transportation regulators have released data and encouraged innovation through contests and hackathons, no U.S. city has aggressively pursued development of an integrated app that enables users to plan, book, and pay for trips across multiple travel modes. Instead, it’s the likes of Uber and Google Maps and CityMapper and RideScout that have demonstrated what is possible, and controlled the movement market to date." - The Most Important Transportation Innovation of the Decade Is the Smartphone - CityLab
# movement# tech# transportation# smartphone# cities# urban# development# innovation# travel
"For the social science researcher, relying on lat/long for geolocation in Twitter raises a major sampling bias issue: what if users who have this feature turned on differ systematically in certain ways from those who don’t?" - Twitter geolocation and its limitations
# twitter# location# research# sampling bias# geolocation# geotagged# social media# tech# location services
"e entered the era of the single and the playlist. The track mattered and the album did not. Whole genres just vanished into the maw of the playlist. We made playlists that spoke to the lives we lived at the moment. Looking at someone’s iPod was like looking into their soul. In their music you could see who they were. You could tell if they were sophisticated or rough. You could see in their playlists the moments they fell in love and the moments they fell back out again. You could see the filthiest, nastiest hip hop in the little white boxes of the primmest people, and know their inner lives a little better than you did before." - On Death and iPods: A Requiem | WIRED
# music# ipod# life# history# selves# track# playlist# albums
"Is there peace in always knowing everything about everything, and savoring your ability to intimidate, and keeping the world at a safe distance?" - Ask Polly: I Hate My Job. What Should I Do? — The Cut
# peace# safety# world# future# recovery# ask polly
"You need to embrace the unknown. You need to explore the spaces in between your self-assured statements, your bluster, and your fucking masterful faking, and live in those spaces. Maybe you need to explore being emotional and spaced out and inexact and ineffectual." - Ask Polly: I Hate My Job. What Should I Do? — The Cut
# vulnerability# recovery# growth# self# emotional# happiness# ask polly
Rape Culture in the Alaskan Wilderness - The Atlantic
# rape# alaska# abuse# alcohol abuse# domestic abuse# domestic violence# sexual assault# rape culture
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