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"Some people are taught, growing up, that they have people they can lean on. Other people are taught that when the shit comes down, they’re on their own. And when people who always had people to lean on tell you, “Oh, lighten up. She’s your mom.”? That in and of itself is enough to make you feel sad, to remind you that you’re on your own." - Ask Polly: Should I Cut My Abusive Mother Out of My Life Forever? - The Awl
# self# reliance# recovery# childhood# abuse# ask polly# self-reliance# loss# grief
(via Peeling Off The Painted Layers of NYC Walls: Experiments With The Google Street View Archive | The New York Public Library)
This is the coolest.
# history# street art# graffiti# nyc# web# internet# tech# tools# street view# google
"Your life is going to get better and better. Escaping is not going to help. Rewarding yourself in moderation will. But you absolutely must 1) exercise, 2) write down your feelings for you and no one else, 3) eat good things, 4) sleep regular hours, 5) get up early and do your academic work AT THE LIBRARY, 6) expect more from your therapist 7) tell your parents the truth, 8) focus on graduating AND on potential careers, and 9) remind yourself, over and over and over, that things will get better." - Ask Polly: How Can I Stop Being a Shut In Once and for All? - The Awl
# ask polly# future# recovery# steps# social# self


Drop Dead Gorgeous (1999)

(Source: lesliemillers)

# drop dead gorgeous# movie# yes# so good
"people are turning to newsletters to publish content now: it is a not-quite public and not-quite private way to share information." - Tiny Letters to the Web We Miss — The Message — Medium
# email# newsletters# web# old web# semi public# semi private# inbetween# public# private# close
"So your letter might be about your mother, but these issues stretch far beyond her. This isn’t about whether or not to invite your mom to your wedding, this is about whether or not to invite your past self into your current relationship. It’s also about identity, and control, and pragmatically pursuing a dream vs. optimistically, unguardedly throwing yourself into a dream without shame. It’s about owning your weakest self. When you got drunk and slept around and did coke in college and after, you were trying to access your omnipotent, bulletproof self, sure. But you were also trying to access your weakest self. As a former lonely, straight-A student with no one even watching, no one supporting, no one approving, and a bunch of jackals at home locking you in the fucking closet (while your one trusted guardian lamely chalks it all up to juvenile high jinx), I’ll bet you have trouble letting your weakest self out of the closet. I’ll bet you have trouble crying and telling the truth about how bad you feel and opening your heart, blah blah blah." - Ask Polly: Should I Cut My Abusive Mother Out of My Life Forever? - The Awl
# ask polly# recovery# abuse# self# shame# relationship# truth# weakness# vulnerability
"But Red Alert commodifies the pain of war, and helps render invisible its toll on Palestinians. It turns the conflict into a monetized app, with Google-powered ads scrolling at the top of the screen and furious, scattershot comments crowding at the bottom. Red Alert, in addition to assisting Israelis on the ground and gathering advertising dollars, serves the purpose of a government that has the privilege of being able to sufficiently protect its citizens. The people of Gaza have no such luxury." - Conflict Apps - The Awl
# red alert# app# tech# gaza# israel# palestine# war# conflict# app-ification# profit
"People with reasonably ok social skills who avoid socializing often do so because they’ve fallen into a habit of people pleasing in an inauthentic way. They assume that friends and lovers want a certain version of them, that they can’t be awkward and strange and still be loved." - Ask Polly: How Can I Stop Being a Shut In Once and for All? - The Awl
# social# presentation of self# authenticity# awkward# recovery# ask polly# socializing
"Among the pleasures is how industrialization and the creation of department stores lead to a democratization of fashion, allowing more people to participate in the acquisition of luxury and exclusivity, if only peripherally" - Deadly Victorian fashions
# industrialization# fashion# death# danger# democratization# elite# inequality# feminism
"THE WRITING and reading of a eulogy is, above all, the simple and elegant search for small truths. They don’t have to be truths that everyone agrees on, just ones they will recognize. This can be surprisingly hard, to take notice of the smallest, most unpolished details of a life and set them up for us to stare at in the wonder of recognition." - How to Give a Eulogy - Esquire
# eulogy# details# person# remembrance# grief# memory# speech# recognition# knowing
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